Servo Accelerometer

High Resolution Servo Accelerometers

Customization of Specification

You can choose the specification you need from following options.
However, some cases cannot be offered according to combinations of the options.
Please contact us in advance.

Specification Options
Component 1, 2, 3
Full scale range ±1000Gal,±2000Gal, ±3000Gal
Bandwidth (DC to ) 250Hz, 400Hz
Case structure Non-waterproof, IP65 equivalent, ground water proof, borehole

Environmentally-resistant Servo Accelerometer

Specification Comparison Chart:
Possible to compare the specification of each product such as range, sensitivity and frequency.
  • Servo Accelerometer

    Servo Accelerometer  SA-355CT

    Tri-axis borehole type accelerometer

    Explosion-proof specifications are also available (special order).

  • Servo Accelerometer

    Servo Accelerometer  SA-355CT-Y

    Transverse type of SA-355CT

  • Servo Accelerometer

    Servo Accelerometer  SA-375CT

    Tri-axis and ground type acceleration

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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