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Established July 2, 1970
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3-14-34, Ougi, Adachi-ku, Tokyo 123-0873 Japan
TEL: 81-3-3855-5911 FAX: 81-3-3855-5921
Capital 40,000,000yen
Main Bank Mizuho Bank Ltd., Minowa Branch.
Board Member Chairman Masayuki Kurahashi
President Koji Takeuchi
Director Shoji Kurahashi
Tadahiro Kurahashi
Tadashi Nagata
Advisor Akio Kobayashi
Technical Advisor Shigeo Kinoshita(Professor Emeritus, Yokohama City University)
Akira Mita(Professor Emeritus, Keio Gijuku University)
Number of Employees Sales:18 Seismic Instruments Group:31
(Engineer:35 Clerk:14)
Business Contents ・Design, manufacture, and sale of earthquake observation equipment
・Design, manufacture, and sale of earthquake disaster prevention equipment
・Installation and maintenance of earthquake observation system
・Commissioned business for measurement of vibration
・Analysis of data
・Design, manufacture, and sale of various measurement equipment


1970・TOKYO SOKUSHIN CO., LTD. was established.
・Put Servo Seismometer into practical use in Japan for the first time.
・Developed Electronic Delay Unit.
1974・Developed Analog Multi Channel Data Recorder.
・Developed Computing Vibrometer (patented).
1976・Introduced Microprocessor Unit into the measurement equipment.
1978・Developed Muramatsu Type Velocity-meter (patented).
1979・Developed Digital Data Logger.
・Factory of headquarter moved to Nishi-Nippori, Arakawa-ku.
1981・Popularized Strong-Motion Seismograph was authorized by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
・Developed Explosion-proof Accelerometer.
1982・Developed Compact Size Digital Data Logger.
1984・Co-developed Wave Sensing Seismometer with Hitachi Elevator.
1986・Introduced Telemeter into the earthquake monitoring system.
・Developed Low Temperature Type Accelerometer.
・Began manufacturing SI Sensor.
1987・Developed IC Card Data Logger (patented).
・Developed Servo Velocity-meter.
1995・Intensity Meter was authorized by Japan Meteorological Agency.
・Servo Velocity-meter was patented.
・Adopted Servo velocity-meter by F-net on NIED(National research Institute for Earth science and Disaster prevention)
1999・Developed FBG Sensor.
・Taiwan/TON YUAN TECHNOLOGY AND ENGINEERING CO.,LTD.signed as an official agent
2002・Passed the strong-motion seismograph licensing exam of CWB(Central Weather Bureau, Taiwan)
2004・Headquarter and factory moved to 3-14-34, Ougi, Adachi-ku, Tokyo.
Patented ISO9001:2000.
・Delivered OBS(Ocean Bottom Seismograph) to JCG(Japan Coast Guard)(for continental-self investigation)
2006・Delivered control seismograph to THSR(Taiwan High Speed Rail/Taiwan Shinkansen)
・Fully delivered 755 sets of OBS to JCG
2007・Newly-constructed seismograph test facility at Yasato in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan
・Operated at USGS(US Geological Survey) in U.S.A.for Servo velocity-meter performance test
2008・Adopted Intensity meter by seismic intensity information network at Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan.
2011・Developed/Installed buried seismograph for deep underground on the order of 3000m
・Delivered 26 sets of Servo velocity-meter monitoring system to DISANET(Information network for Natural Disaster Mitigation and Recovery) in India
2012・Installed Servo velocity-meter monitoring system at Tokyo Sky Tree in Tokyo, Japan
2018・China/BROAD INSIGHT TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED signed as an official agent
2024・Signed exclusive distributor agreement in Japan with Nanometrics of Canada.

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